Business Rentals

Why buy when it makes more sense to rent?

Business rentals can give you the edge you're looking for in a changing economy. What does your business need? Phones, laptops, desktop computers, desks, furniture or appliances? Talk to us, we’ll make it easy. You can choose from our huge existing range, or we can organise items specifically tailored for your business.

All you need is ABN to start the process.

Smarter office rental solutions are great for business:

Cost-effective - 100% tax deductible*

No large capital outlays on non-revenue generating items, plus negotiable rates based on your needs.

Short or long term efficiencies

On a short interstate contract, just starting out or up for the long haul? Short term Mr. Short or longer term corporate rentals Mr. Corp are tailored to suit your requirements. Have what you need, only when you want it.


Choosing to rent means that you know the exact cost per week or per month.


Upgrade, expand or reduce according to your business needs – based on emerging technology, the number of staff and/or the size of your premises.

Free delivery and installation

No heavy lifting for you or your staff, Mr Rental takes care of that.

Free servicing and repairs**

Means no extra costs during the rental period plus you're supplied a replacement item while yours is being repaired.

Home Staging

Styling your home for sale can give you a competitive edge. Buyers can be picky, which means a well staged home will stand out in the marketplace. Give yourself the best chance of the best sale price.

Mr Rental's Mr. Short and Mr. Corp also provide rentals for

  • Corporate events
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Relocations

At Mr Rental, we understand business and how to make technology, furniture and appliances work harder and smarter for you. Let's talk.

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*Please consult with your accountant for information specific to your needs. **Does not include repairs if the product has been damaged.